Back Massage


Our innovative treatment methods and spa therapies leave you feeling relaxed, revitalised and balanced in body and mind. See on the categories below the full list of treatments and prices to make your booking.


Facial Treatment

Give your skin a break from the aggressions of the sun, urban life and pollution, with a regular facial treatment. It usually starts with a deep cleansing of the skin to get rid of the toxins, followed by exfoliation to strip away dead cells, then a mask specific to your skin and treatment, finally a gentle face massage to stimulate the blood flow and cream hydratation to nourish your skin.

Body Treatment Massages

From traditional Thai massage to Classic Swedish to Hot Stone massage, we know a variety of body treatments. We personalize our treatments to your wish.


Foot Massages

Where would we be without our feet? They carry our entire body - day in, day out. But those night-long dance sessions, towering stilettos and kilometers (running) do take its toll. We can therefore spoil our feet a bit now and then. What is better than a nice foot massage?

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